Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pretty Pony

"Pretty Pony"  (pastel, 6x6 inches)  click here to bid

I saw this adorable miniature horse somewhere between Blanco and Fredericksburg when heading up to Kansas last month. He was several yards away, peacefully grazing and minding his own business as horses do, and I was trying to think of how to get him closer to the fence.

First I stomped around and made some noise in the dry underbrush. That works for most ranch animals, to get them to look up, but other than a moments notice when I stopped the truck, this one wasn't paying me any mind. "Oh, you're so pretty, I wish you'd come closer!" I murmured to myself, and then, not really expecting any response, and feeling slightly silly for talking out loud, I raised my voice.

"Hi there pretty pony!"

He looked up!

"There you are! Come here, pretty pony!" And he started right towards me. I wore a huge grin as I snapped away and continued to sweet talk. He let me take a couple good shots before sticking his head through the fence for some petting. He was as tall as my hip. I said to him "Aren't you sweet! I bet some lucky little girl calls you Pretty Pony every day."

He didn't disagree, as he munched on the grass near the fence line.

Here are some progress shots:
This underpainting uses gold, terra cotta, and black pastel primers.

 This is my second 'official' painting exclusively using colors from my Terry Ludwig full set! You can see here the colors I used for "Pretty Pony"

Here's a sneak peek at the primer underpaintings for my next paintings. The big one on the left is a white donkey with gray spots; she still has some terra cotta primer to go on...

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