Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Chick Profile #1

"Chick Profile #1"  (pastel, 4" circle)  click here to bid

That pesky thing called life (aka: '...with teenagers') has been slowing down the painting production lately. (Ok, to be honest, it's also because I'm not a morning person.) But today I did get a few new small paintings primed, and then managed to get this little chick finished just before I had to leave to pick up my son from school. (Tonight was Karate-and-Boy-Scouts-Night which keeps us out from 3:30-8:30.)

This chick is on Wallis Belgian Mist, since my usual primed gatorboard is too thick for the frame I found.

If this one survives the auction, I have a cute little frame from Hobby Lobby that had a mirror in it, which I might refinish in some kind of gold, although right now it's yellow with a touch of country-ish distressing on it and actually looks quite good on the chick, so maybe I'll leave it as is.

Anyway, the auction bidding is for this painting, unframed. (But now you know where to get a cute round frame!... And most dedicated frame shops can cut glass in circles.)

Here are a couple of shots while I was working on this chick:


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