Thursday, May 5, 2016

Castor and Pollux to Cottonwood

"Castor and Pollux"  (pastel, 32x32 inches) $4100

I posted this last October when it was done, but because of an art fest reschedule it went straight into a gallery for the winter and has never seen an art fair! I've just pick this one up along with several other recent paintings (small, medium and large!) to fill my booth at the Cottonwood Art Festival this weekend, may 7&8, 2016.

This will be my first time juried into Cottonwood and I've heard great things about it from every artist I know who's been there. I'm excited!

Cottonwood Art Festival is a semi-annual event that features works from the nation's top visual artists. Located in scenic Cottonwood Park in Richardson, Texas (map), this prestigious art show has been a part of Richardson life for over forty years. Come check it out! Admission is free!
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