Sunday, November 25, 2012

Up the Tree Again

"Up the Tree Again"  (pastel, 10x8 inches)  $375

This was from a photo of a friend's cat from way back, but she looks just like my husband's "Taffa" who passed away (after 23 long years!) just a couple of years ago.

I loved the warm afternoon light, and the fearful expression. Cats don't really have much expression in their faces like dogs do; with cats it's in the eyes and the body.

This painting is available at Cactus Jack's in Gruene, Texas, through January 13, 2012.

EDIT as of 8/28/2015: This painting has a new life, cropped as a 6x8 closeup titled "BlueEyes" and is on auction for a limited time at!)

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