Monday, February 25, 2013

"Park Trail #32"

"Park Trail #32"  (pastel over oil wash, 10x8 inches)

This week I'll be working on some watercolor underpaintings, bushing up (pun) for my workshop this weekend "Underpainting the Pastel Landscape" (for which there are still a few spaces still available! - visit this link to register!)

This one is the last of last week's batch, and I think the best of them. I really think the trick is to allow the underpainting, rather than the photo, to have more control over what you do with the pastel. Below is the underpainting with the reference photo.

I let the painting talk to me, and I saw a low wall at the far end of the path that was not in the photo. I also felt that that focal area needed some more brightness than it had in the photo, so added some sunlit shrubs behind the wall.


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