Friday, March 28, 2014

No Bull! (at the Bayou City Art Festival)

"No Bull!"  (pastel, 36x36 inches)  $5000  sold

This lovely Longhorn cow is my largest pastel painting to date! I worked long hours to get this one ready for the Bayou City Art Festival in Houston, TX, this weekend (March 28-30. I am in Booth #5 near the main entrance.) I like to have at least one large show-stopper at an art fair, and since last year I sold 4 of my largest paintings (2 of them at this Memorial Park BCAF) I was due for a new one. I recently found out that the Art Glass my framer gets is in fact available larger than 32x40, so I measured the back opening of my truck, added the frame width, and said "I can make a painting 36" wide!"

So I did.

Here are just a handful of the many many shots I took during the painting process, just to show a quick progression:
the gold and terra cotta primer underpainting

here with the photo on my iPad, gives a sense of scale!

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