Thursday, July 24, 2014

Timid Twins

"Timid Twins"  (pastel, 36x24 inches)  sold

Finally! This will be my newest large showpiece for the Beachcomber's Art Show and Sale, South Padre Island, TX, Convention Centre, this weekend July 26 & 27, 2014.

My large paintings have sold fairly well over the last 2 years. "Nibbling Sibling", which was slotted to go to The Gallery at Round Top since they sold "Familial Bliss", just sold to a client from Cactus Jack's this week! So I'll be trying to compose some new large works before October and the Bayou City Art Fest in downtown Houston. This one will probably go to Round Top if it doesn't sell this weekend.

Here are just a handful of the progress shots for Timid Twins (the background gave me the most trouble!):

 Above was my first stop to analyze. Thought it might be done. Looked just like the photo (!) but something wasn't right. (Probably because it 'looked just like the photo'! Duh!)
 Not enough contrast behind the calves' white hides. Also too even a distribution of lights and darks. It had no 'strength'. So away went the photo, and away went the background!
 Instead, I put in a barn wall and another grassy shadow. Also subtly neutralized the shadowed sides of the hides using violets and greens.
 Leaving just the one streak of light to illuminate the calves.
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