Friday, October 16, 2015


"Cowplay"  (pastel, 6x12 inches)  click here to bid

Ok, here's the last of my last batch. Gotta get to work again!

I did! In fact, today (finally!) I did most of the underpainting for a new LARGE painting, to begin to replace the two that sold from my show in June and the last one which I took to the Gallery at Round Top. Since then, I did two more art fairs with no new large piece, just older stuff! I'm determined not to let that happen later this month at the Wimberley Alive Music & Art Fest, Oct 24 & 25!
Scroll all the way to the bottom to see a sneak peek at my new large longhorn underpainting in progress...

On your way, view the progress shots of Cowplay!

 Cowplay is another of my rare ventures into the hazy, overcast day. I just couldn't resist the pose!

And here (drumroll...) is most of the underpainting for "Big Mama", 36x36 inches...
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