Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Happy New Year from Cheeto

"Cheeto"  (pastel, 10x8 inches)  sold (commissioned pet portrait)

Here's wishing you all a very Happy and Successful New Year!

I'm marking the occasion two days early with a recent commission to a client who has several of my little animal paintings and now a few special pet commissions as well. I'll be framing and shipping this one in the next couple days.

I'm taking some time off in January, at least from painting. I might find the time to post a few older paintings that have yet to find a home, but I'll be devoting my days to a list of "other stuff" as long as my arm (and my other arm and maybe a leg too) that has fallen by the wayside this past year including but not limited to: cleaning out the garage, and the pantry, and the master closet, catching up on all of my paperwork (and specifically doing the taxes because my son will be going to college and the FAFSA is due in February and it needs 2015 tax data. I Know, yuck!), sorting 85GB of photos from the last two years, redesigning pieces of my San Antonio Rodeo booth to fit into a new vehicle because the old truck threw a rod, adding a 'press' page to my website, and getting one kid to finish his Parent-Taught Driver Education Program and the other kid to start hers! Oh, and maybe continuing a search for an artist's assistant, lol.

So I hope you all have a fantastic beginning to your 2016, and may all your lists and goals get taken care of smoothly and free from all stress!

Here are just a few progress shots of Cheeto:

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