Thursday, July 20, 2017


"Braithwaite" (pastel, 6x6inches) $265

I'm here at the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, which goes on through Sunday in Ann Arbor, MI. Find me in booth 145 on Washington! I'm trying to be good and work on some little paintings while I'm out here. This is from earlier today.

(The sun was at just the right angle to my board when I was done, and I caught the finished shot showing the little shadows from the pastel texture. Wow! I might try that instead of scanning from now on, at least for the small stuff.)

This image is one that I had composed a while back, and had the underpainting ready for the pastel. It's one of my daring compositional attempts, with the eye in the exact center of the painting. I like when I can "break a rule" and still get the other lines, angles and shapes in an image to lay themselves out in a strong way!

Here are a few progress shots and how Braithwaite looks in his frame:

The Photo:

This was the only pic I had of the underpainting. It shows three layers of the gold primer, which gets darker on each application. The terra cotta and the black primers went on next. You can kind of see the finished underpainting under the pastel in the next shot...

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