Sunday, September 20, 2020

"Baby Sea Turtle"


"Baby Sea Turtle" (pastel, 6x12 inches) $390 framed

I wanted to title this in my "Warm Fuzzy" series, but...   hmmm...

He's still cute! Painted much larger than life, this baby was about 2 inches long! I caught some photos of this baby at a zoo on my travels a couple years ago. I had a lot of fun painting the strange color temperatures of the aquarium lighting.

This little turtle was pasteled last week in my Virtual Open Studio, and underpainted last month. You can see the full-length video of the pastel process here on my Patreon page (with a subscription.)

"Baby Sea Turtle" will be listed among my paintings available at the Online Woodlands Waterway Art Festival next month. They're doing a really good job of setting up an online gallery and virtual experiences for artists and collectors. I'm still getting my artwork organized and uploaded to the system.

Here are some progress pics from the underpainting and the pastel video:

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