Saturday, July 31, 2021

Tika Closeup - Day 1 of 21-in-31


"Tika Closeup" (pastel, 14x11 inches) $590 framed

I have a ton of great pics of this fuzzy Barbados sheep, which is a beloved pet of a friend. I painted Tika's portrait years ago, and finally decided to use another of the reference pics for a new painting. This started as a demo for the New Braunfels Art League last month, and I just finished yesterday.

See some progress pictures here!

Speaking of the New Braunfels Art League, I'll be teaching a workshop there this month, August 20-22. there are just a few spaces left! More info here.

And, yes, my numbered post title means I've decided to take up a new Daily Painting Challenge for August! I'm calling it a "21-in-31" meaning I'll post 21 new paintings this month. The June 30-in-30  was quite exhausting so I'm hoping this modified goal goes a little bit easier...

Here's Tika in her frame!


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