Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Quick-Sketch Portraits - day 16 and 17

(The portrait sketch: conte and pastel, 15x12 inches, about 15 minutes per face)

Today, the last Saturday of the San Antonio Rodeo, was our busiest yet! I did several portraits that I would have liked to photograph, but when I get in that 'zone' of busy-ness, I don't want to stop for anything that might delay the next customer in the chair!
For this one, though, I made an exception. This couple was so distinctive looking, the portrait almost drew itself. Now I wish the lady hadn't been half hiding behind the frame in this shot -- I loved her hair! It had a life of it's own, floating around her head in fluffy waves!

I've been proud of myself for being so consistent in posting through this entire busy event. I was sorry to miss posting yesterday, but my body demanded sleep instead!
So here I've included twin portraits from Friday, literally. These ladies are identical twins who 'like to look different,' evidenced by the fact that one sister had her moles removed. I recognized a family resemblance, but never would have thought that they were identical until they told me.

...and her sister:
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