Friday, April 27, 2012

Katniss pre-sketch caricature

"Katniss" Pre-Sketch  (colored pencil, 14x11 inches)

I had a cute 6x6 squirrel painting prepped in burnt umber and ready to finish today, but instead I got distracted by the characters of one of my new favorite books, "The Hunger Games". Having just seen the movie, I'm determined to get a new triple caricature ready of Katniss, Peeta and Gale for my festival display. It's destined to be the hot image of the summer!

Above is my pre-sketch of Katniss. When I have the pre-sketches of Gale and Peeta ready, I'll put them all in Photoshop to size and arrange them all in an 11x14 composition. This is what I'll set under my next sheet of paper to sketch out what will be the final original caricature.

Below is my pre-sketch of Gale. The one I tried of Peeta didn't work. I downloaded a better photo today and will be doing another of Peeta this weekend.
"Gale" Pre-Sketch  (colored pencil, 14x11 inches)

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