Saturday, April 28, 2012

Effie Trinket - Pre-sketch caricature

"Effie Trinket" from The Hunger Games Movie, Pre-sketch caricature (colored pencil over inkjet print, 14x11 inches)

This is my second stage pre-sketch of Effie. I started with the first sketch, below, and realized I needed to fit in her puffy sleeves to balance the composition, and besides, Effie is not really Effie without her fashion statement!
So I put this first sketch into Photoshop, and sized it and printed it on a new 11x14 sheet (above) and continued to sketch the rest of the caricature. I also made some modifications to her hair and giant flower, which I felt needed to be a bit larger.
I'll put the new revised pre-sketch under another sheet and draw the final caricature from it. (Although I really like how the 2cd pre-sketch is looking on it's own... it has a kind of Toulouse Lautrec look to it...)

I also have an impulse, if I have the time, to complete this caricature of Effie as a finished fine-art oil or pastel painting, and submit it to the cover contest for the Exaggerated Features magazine of the International Society of Caricature Artists. They will be selecting one caricature from the "Showcase" entries for the next issue (Summer 2012) to put on the cover. That would be really cool to win!

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