Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Classic Lines (my DPW Challenge - 4th painting!)

"Classic Lines"  (oil, 8x4 inches)  
(2015 update: Available again, framed, for $225! See current post!)

Here is my 4th (and maybe last, for a while,) painting from my Daily Paintworks "Cropping" Challenge. I was in the mood for oil today and also felt this contemporary cropping of such a classic car would work better in oil, especially for the size.

I did also remember to get some shots along the way...

 I started with a loose wash of umber and ultramarine.
 Lifted off the light areas...
 ...and painted in the darks, with pure umber and ultramarine...
 ...and in some areas added some pthalo blue and/or alizarin.
 Then started in on the colors, until...
... I decided it was finished...

Thanks for 'watching'! Please forward to friends if you like it!

PS: Anyone know what kind of car this is? (I don't but would like to!) A more complete reference photo is below..
Update (4/28/12):  I just got this pic from a friend (Thank you, Polly!) identifying the car as a 1928 Chevrolet National Model AB Roadster. Very cool!


  1. You do beautiful work in oils along with pastels, Rita!
    A big thanks for the progress shots.
    Sorry, I have no idea what model car this is.

  2. love the progress shots. Great work. love antique cars. you really nailed this one.

  3. I love your painting. I tried to search for the type of car it is and the closest I could get is that it looks like a Ford model A convertible , a late 20's model. The logo looks like Fords but it does not exactly match the ones I could find but the rest of the car matches.