Sunday, August 3, 2014

Chick Profile #2

"Chick Profile #2"  (pastel, 4.25 inch circle)  click here to bid

Here's a little something to tide you over while I finish prepping a new load of dailies. I started this one a few weeks ago so I put the finishing touches on it for today. This one will be auctioned in this cute little yellow frame (including glass)...

I've also primed my underpaintings for a new large longhorn painting (36x36) and a medium piece with goats (16x16). Here's a sneak preview of the progress so far:

 For those of you not familiar with my underpainting method, I use two pastel primers. The first is Golden (brand) Fine Pumice Gel with quinacridone nickel azo gold Fluid Acrylic Color added at about a 2/1 gel/color ratio. This is slightly transparent because of the gel, so gets darker on each application. For the darkest areas of the composition I use Art Spectrum Pastel Primer in the terra cotta color, and occasionally, for black subject matter, the black primer, as you see below.
My support of choice is 3/16" Gatorboard, although this method would work just as well on mounted or stretched watercolor paper. I like the Gatorboard because it won't warp.
These two underpaintings are ready now for the pastel. I'll be working on these for the next couple weeks, in between my 'dailies'. Stay tuned!


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