Saturday, November 1, 2014


"Earnie"  (pastel, 7x5 inches)  click here to bid

I have a new goal for November ... and December maybe. Since completing 30 paintings in the 30 days of September this year, I've felt empowered. It really wasn't as difficult as I believed it would have been. It's mostly a matter of time management. Earnie is the first of two paintings I finished today, the tail end from the last batch of underpaintings. I also got a new batch started, of about 10 small paintings; the drawings are on, and the second layer of gold primer.

Since I only have one event this month - next weekend's workshop in Victoria TX (scroll down for info!) - and December is always horridly busy with my pencil portrait business, I'm going to try to do 60 paintings in 30 days of November.


Yes, 60 paintings in 30 days. The operative word is TRY. I'm not going to get depressed if I can't keep up. I figure by trying for 60, I'm sure to take care of November's 30 posts, and the extra will go towards December, when I know I won't have time to paint around all those portraits (I can always post the portrait commissions instead.)

I'm pumped and excited! It always feels so GOOD to get a lot of work done in the studio! Yea!

Here are progress shots of Earnie:
(the primer underpainting was done a few weeks ago..)

...And here's a look at what helps streamline my process from the start: I prime the Gatorboard with the first layer of gold pastel primer (that's a mix of Golden brand Fine Pumice Gel and quinacridone/nickel azo gold Fluid Acrylic Color) before I cut it. Then I measure, do some math, and get as many small pieces out of it with as little waste as possible. 5x7's 6x6's, 6x8's, 8x10's 8x8's and a couple of 6x12's and 4x6's.
 They're dry to the touch, but not completely cured when I cut them, so I wait about 30 minutes before stacking them up. The next step is the drawings from the photo references (already carefully planned in photoshop) then the additional layers of primers to build up the value-study underpainting.
I'll post a pic of this new batch tomorrow when they're ready for the pastel! I didn't use all of these boards - lol, that's a lot! - but I'll need the extras for the workshop.

Speaking of which, there are still a few spaces left in my pastel workshop in Victoria Texas next weekend, Friday and Saturday, November 7 & 8!
Click the flyer below for quick info, or go right to my workshop page for lodging guide, supply list and Paypal registration links!
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