Saturday, September 2, 2017


 "Firstborn" (pastel, 12x12 inches) sold

 A blast from the past!  I am working on a couple more commission pieces for  the client who purchased this painting years ago (which began her collection of my work!) and when I looked up this image to reference some color notes, I also came across the progress shots and realized that this was one of my very early warm toned under paintings (maybe even the first one!) - right before I started using the quinacridone nickel azo gold color.

 For this one I used Golden (brand) transparent red iron oxide Fluid Acrylic color mixed into the Golden fine pumice gel for the base layer, then the Art Spectrum terra cotta pastel primer for the shadow areas. Really just a two-toned under painting, but definitely catching the light and shadow patterns.

I'm tempted to use this same method for the new commission works I'm preparing for my client, and try to get the same look.

See progress shots below:

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