Friday, September 4, 2009

New (old) Cows in Progress

Well, I've been wondering it myself... Is my (larger) cow series trickling to a halt? My artist's eye has caught the small figurative/themed portrait bug and is full of several new ideas for more 8x6 paintings like "The Note" and "Renaissance Youth".
However! -- Here lies a lonely old demo project recently unearthed, and as part of my preparation for another upcoming demo (Art Guild of Central Texas, Sep 13) I've commanded myself to FINISH this one! (It's already 5 months old.)

Setting it up in my workspace and letting it settle in again has worked up just enough creative flow to get me excited about the NEXT demo piece (a 32x32 with an adult and a calf... more on that later) and even better - this one's title came to me in a flash last night, "Secrets." Perfect, I think. It should flow better now.

Ok that's my self-pep-talk -- now to work!

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