Saturday, September 12, 2009

Newest Addition to Cow Series, "Secrets"

Here it is... done and scanned and ready to take to my printer for the giclee adjustments.

"Secrets" pastel, 24x24 inches

Tomorrow I give a demo for the Art Guild of Central Texas in Waco, and have prepared a 32x32 board for my next cow painting. I'll post the progress!


  1. I simply love your cow series.

  2. Hi, Rita. While checking out the artists in the upcoming Georgetown show, I visited your website to admire your artwork and blown away by your accomplishments. From there, I found my way here to your blogspot...and so happy I did. A marvelous talent you have, indeed. Your cow series is great. I'm here outside Wimberley, and I invite you to drop my blog and acquaint with the blog community I'm involved with. I incorporate a good bit of humor in my blog, so have a smile, and click on "Enjoy the Ride" on my sidebar for a "make-my-day". I am now following your blog, and will check in from time to time. Good luck in Georgetown.