Monday, June 13, 2011


"Blondie" (pastel, 7x5in)  available at Cactus Jack's

Many people who see my little cow portraits have asked me "Do you do horses?" I don't know why horses don't inspire me like cows do, but since I've always liked slipping a few other animals into the series, I asked myself, Why not?
I enjoyed "Blondie" just as much as any goat, camel or chick. To me though, she still doesn't have as much expression, but she sure is pretty!

(BTW: I'm very proud of my accomplishment in being able to upload, create and finish this blog post directly from my iPad. After several frustrating attempts and loads of research, I finally found a combination of steps that work! I only wish I could have figured this out before I went to Albuquerque -- but at least now I have plenty of artwork to post this week!)

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous! What masterful technique. Those eyelashes kill me. This horse deserves a bag of carrots and at least 27 apples!