Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Southwest Sky

"Southwest Sky" (pastel 14x11in)

This was my result from the Liz Haywood-Sullivan hands-on demo at the convention. I very carefully followed all the steps as closely to how she demonstrated as possible -- I think it worked!

I also found a valuable lesson about framing when I got this home. I've been framing a bunch of stuff in preparation for the Rockport Art Fest this weekend. I was searching through my frames for something to put on my two larger landscapes from the foothills, and came across an old still life from '02 in a strange whitewashed frame that (I thought for years) could only look good on that still life (it had onions.) Well, I took the old painting out to see how it looked on the other landscapes -- it didn't work on those either. But then I tried it on this one  -- wow!
Something about the white and gray cloud shapes really worked with those weird gray knots in the wood.  This was a frame I couldn't seem to recycle onto any of my paintings lately, because my palette tends toward warm ivories and golden tones and not very many cool whites and grays. This painting, that I might not have tried outside of that demo, seemed like it was made for this frame!
Just goes to show the benefit of trying new subjects and colors!


  1. You are exactly right, Rita. The frame IS perfect for the painting. I love it!

  2. Thank you! Kay from Cactus Jack's in Gruene said the same thing! She's got it in her gallery there now.