Thursday, July 21, 2011

Road Sketch 4

"Road Sketch 4"  (3.5 x 5.5 in., watercolor and colored ink)

These colored ink (marker)accents are fun, but I'm not sure I like them in the landscapes. Sort of reminds me of the old-fashioned illustrations for ad design mockups... Maybe I'll try it with a figure sketch sometime. For these I think I'll go back to just watercolor. I really like the look of the colored pencil, but it took so long!
Why not pastel, you ask? Well I really want to develop something I can handle easily in various locales, stack up, toss into my bag, use as a bookmark (well, maybe) without the hassle of glassine or some other covering. To me, these will be 'travel sketches', and as such, should be able to travel easily. Although, I feel myself weakening, and will probably take along at least one good set of pastel pencils...


  1. I like your street landscapes, Rita, and that you tell us about your "tests" O;-) Have you tried water-soluble wax pastels? What kind of ink do you use?

  2. Hi Ulrike, I think I have tried the Caran d'Ashe artists crayons (are water-soluble) they were just a little bit too unusual for me to manage as a stand-alone medium (would need a lot more practice), but I did like them as an underpainting for pastels (on a sanded paper). On this painting the colored ink is Prismacolor Premier chisel tip markers.