Sunday, January 22, 2012

Curious Bird

"Curious Bird" (oil on Uart pastel board, 5x3 inches)   click here to bid

I'm working to fill all the miscellaneous old frames I've got laying about, with the ultimate goal of creating more space and organization in this new studio (A new studio aught to be spacious and organized, right?) Well, this mundane task has it's rewards - namely, getting me to paint something in spite of my current creative block.

The frame I decided to start with was a the most challenging of the bunch - a textured yellowish-blueish-greenish thing that I think is supposed to look like cork. I spent an hour at the computer rejecting several photos of various subjects as just not being quite the right image for this particular frame. (I wasn't really sure what the right image should be either, but I kept looking.)

Then, in my "pre-comps" file (photos that have gone through some compositional process already) I found it! One of the ostrich shots from "Curious Pair," a pastel painting from years ago. This single guy had just the combination of texture and simplicity that this frame seemed to call for!

I decided to forgo the pastel in favor of getting more experience time with oils. And since I didn't have any canvas boards, I decided to try it on a small sample of Uart pastel board, a light gray sanded surface. It was interesting to paint on. I'm not sure I'll use it for oil again; it held the paint in place and didn't allow for much manipulation, but I think the texture complimented my subject in this case, and worked well on the small size.

Below is the painting in the frame. The frame looks a lot happier now, to have the right painting in it. I also think this curious bird looks happy to have this frame!

I'm offering this framed painting in the DPW auctions. Use this link or the link at the top of the page to bid!