Saturday, December 29, 2012

Irving House

"Irving House"  (conte and pastel pencil)  sold

One of my more unusual commissions this season, and only about the sixth house I've ever drawn. Houses are both easier and more difficult than human faces. They're more geometric, so it's easier to get a likeness; all you have to do is keep things in line. But they tend to be profusely laden with varieties of detail that, while not technically difficult, can become tedious and time consuming.

This one was a special challenge, since the client wanted the yard 'cleaned up' and the the viewpoint on the house centered between the posts. The intricate (and slightly spooky) shadows of the trees were the icing for me, and what made the job worth all the effort!

Below is the reference photo:
 Houses usually start at twice the price of a face because of the time involved, and are individually custom quoted. Visit my drawings site at, to see human and pet samples, and price information.


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