Tuesday, November 26, 2013


"Casper" (pastel, 6x6 inches)  sold

Another demo from my Breckenridge workshop. This was my demo right after our color and speed exercises of Friday. Casper was named and purchased by one of the attendees.

Our speed exercises consisted of one simple still life subject painted with 40 strokes or less. It was really difficult. I couldn't remember the number of strokes Carol Marine used in her lesson (from which this was inspired) so I simply did mine in as few strokes as I could, and counted how many... 40 it was. We did this limited-stroke painting with the same 9 pastels we used in our color layering exercise, just to keep things simple.

Then I let them add a couple of choice colors to the palate to help with the color of their subject, and we did 3 more small paintings, not counting strokes this time, but one timed for 10 minutes, one in 5 minutes, and the last not timed at all, but hopefully keeping in mind speed and economy of strokes.

Here are the results (mine first, which I didn't do the last painting, and then the students')

(her first '40-strokes' is on the bottom left here)
They did a terrific job! And they all said they learned a lot, so left me with a well-stroked ego as a teacher!

Btw: here are some progress shots on Casper;

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