Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ginger Bun (and the China Exhibit)

"Ginger Bun"  (pastel on paper, 8x8 inches) 

Success! The Canson smooth Bristol paper, I found out today, is capable of being wet and 'stretched' and taped just like watercolor paper. I then applied my usual acrylic-based pastel primers for my underpainting while the paper was taped in place on a board. When it was all dry, I cut it away from the tape, secured it to my easel board, and applied the pastel. The texture was only a very little bit different from the primers on gatorboard and I really like the result! Best of all, no annoying little bumps from textured paper!

So what's up, you ask? Why the departure from the Gatorboard support? Well, I've been invited to participate in the "Spring Greetings" Exhibition at the Ming Gallery in Suzhou, China. I'll be submitting 7+ images December 2, and they will choose seven paintings which I will then ship, unframed, by Dec. 15. The Exhibit is Feb 4 - March 6, 2016.

My experience with international shipping has been that "weight" is not measured in pounds, but in volume. And since the gallery will be matting the pastels when framing, I felt that paper was the best choice for their framing convenience, and to keep my shipping volume as low as possible.

So "Ginger Bun" will be in my (hopefully growing) stack these next three weeks, of images to be submitted to the Ming Gallery. If I have extras that they don't choose, I'll be able to offer those for sale at that time.

My first overseas exhibit! How exciting!

Here are a few progress shots of Ginger Bun:

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