Monday, April 4, 2016

Candyscape - Wins at Plein Air Event!

"Candyscape" (pastel, 12x9 inches) sold

This is my delicious 3rd Place winner at the Paint The Town Plein Air Event in Marble Falls, Texas last weekend. (This is the display inside Choccolatte's.)

I love Marble Falls. I've participated in this event several times since their first annual Paint The Town in 2007, when I took a break from my caricature booth (they had street vendors that year) to play around and paint a couple of little 4x6's...
"At the Music Fest" (pastel, 4x6 inches) 2007, sold

"Main Street" (pastel, 4x6 inches) 2007, sold
They each sold at auction for much higher than my valuation at the time! I was hooked!

The next year I went gung-ho and painted 9 paintings in all, including this one of main street...
"A Gray Morning on Main Street" (pastel, 5x18 inches) 2008, sold
and this historic old tree in the courtyard...
"The Hanging Tree" (pastel, 18x5 inches) 2008, sold

The main street shot did quite well on auction, so in 2009 I decided I'd do it again, from the other end of the street. The weather was blessed with sunshine that year...
"A Sunny Morning on Main Street" (pastel, 6x18 inches) 2009, sold
My participation was blessed that year as well. Among other things, this painting won First Place! Read more about it on this post!

In 2010 I did yet another view of Main Street, while standing on the tailgate of my truck, in the rain...
"A Rainy Day on Main" (pastel, 7x17 inches) 2010, sold
I think by then I had exhausted the Main Street Panoramic market.

But I won 4th Place with this quick painting of the creek behind the school sport fields:
"Backbone Creek" (pastel, 9x9 inches) 2010, sold
I missed the rest of the Paint The Town events until the fall of 2013 when Marble Falls had a little Quick Draw event to build anticipation for the next spring's Paint The Town...
Untitled (pastel, 12x12) 2013, sold
I won First Place with this one! (See some progress shots on this post.)

I didn't make the 2014 Paint The Town, but had a blast this year, and met lots of talented artists and old friends.
Finally (thanks for reading this long) here are some progress shots of "Candyscape"...
photo - scoping out the possibilities...

the drawing took as long as the coloring part!

Thanks for watching! Please share!

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