Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Three Bambinas

"The Three Bambinas" (Pastel, 16x16) sold

Here's the other commission for my wonderful decorator client in Fredericksburg. These are third generation longhorns on her little ranchette. The mothers of these three were the models for "The Lost Prince" (and Debi gave me an earful for the 'male' title! She said "You know, they're all GIRLS!" Her personal title for that one is "The Three Amigas".)
She had me paint these three little ladies in a 16x16 to go with a print of their mothers' portrait.

I was happy to be able to make a complimentary composition of the three new calves that works so well with the earlier painting. Her longhorns are really the most beautiful of all I've ever seen. Many of my longhorn paintings have been from my photos of her cattle. I love visiting her when the weather is nice!

Here's the new underpainting with the print of the older painting:

And more progress shots:

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