Thursday, October 10, 2019

Roxy - a Quick-Sketch Portrait

"Roxy" (pastel, 16x12 inches) sold

This is one of what I call my "quick-sketch" portraits. These are very popular in the Holiday Season and throughout the year as a lower-priced gift option, at $75/face.
I use burnt umber and white pastels, and sometimes sepia conte pencils (more of the pencils on human faces.) These take about 30-40 minutes from a photo, or 15-20 minutes from life (mostly with still-sitting humans for that kind of timing!)

This is one of my portrait options at Rolling Oaks Mall in San Antonio during their Christmas craft show. The dates this year will be December 6-24, 2019. If you want to order early and beat the rush, just send me an inquiry through my pencil portrait site,, and mention "quick-sketch portrait".
Roxy's photo
 I can get one of these done by mail usually within 4-6 weeks, but in December it's quicker, as the portraits are all I do then. But if you need it shipped back in time for Christmas, don't wait!


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