Thursday, June 11, 2020

Warm Fuzzy #30 - Rosie

Warm Fuzzy #30 - "Rosie" (pastel, 6x4 inches) click here to bid or buy

Someone told me alpacas were nicer than llamas. I've met a few and I have to agree. And though they're both cute in my eyes, alpacas are cuter too. And VERY soft. A perfect pick for my Warm Fuzzy series!


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    1. Oh gosh I accidentally deleted your comment... I didn't mean to, and I want to say that's funny,... your Rosie DOES look like my Rosie!

      I have pasted your comment below, for others to enjoy:

      "Love it! It actually looks like my service dog before I knew how to cut a topknot. Her name is Rosie too."