Friday, May 20, 2022

Day 13 of 21-in-31: Park Trail #59


Painting #13 of 21-in-31, "Park Trail #59" (pastel 6x12 inches)

I made the underpainting for this one in Lyn Asselta's workshop earlier this year, and never finished it. I liked the underpainting so I tried to play nice with what was there. It was a dark, mostly blue, underpainting, different than what I'm used to, on UArt sanded paper. But I liked the drips and patterns. I used my reference photo very loosely, along with another painting I had done years ago of the same scene. I left both as thumbnails on my tablet so i couldn't get distracted by details. It was still a struggle to stop while this was so loose!
But I couldn't resist tweaking the background lights after signing it and adding  some little red flowers to the foreground.

My color choices were determined by the frame I might want to put it in. I made sure to add some warm greens and bits of warm gold (and was able to use my precious Roche metallic gold pastel!)

See a quick speed video of "Park Trail #59" here!