Tuesday, October 14, 2014


"Chippy"  (pastel, 6x4 inches)  click here to bid

Chippy the Chipmunk. One of three little paintings I got done last weekend at the Bayou City Art Fest. I've gotten into the habit of taking some primed underpaintings with me almost everywhere I go, since weekends are usually blessedly free of the myriad "mom" duties... especially when I'm not even at home! Lol.

This is from what is possibly the only decent pic of a chipmunk I own. Man those critters are fast!! Maybe if I still lived up north where these cuties reside... After 22 years in Texas, I'll never tire of watching geckos, but I really miss the chipmunks!

(NOTE: Oops! Just found out this is actually a golden-mantled ground squirrel! Thanks to a friend for catching that!! Wow, they are REALLY similar!)

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