Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Family Portrait Commission

A Family Portrait Commission (conte pencil and pastel pencil on paper, 24x36 inches)

I know I haven't posted in a while. December was my annual Christmas craft show at my local mall, which I've been doing wherever I happen to live, every year since 1988. It's kinda hard to give up! The bulk of my business is detailed pencil portraits like this one (only usually smaller, with one or two or three faces.) This client wanted one "as big as you can make it, Rita!" So I hunted down my full sheets of the paper I ordered in bulk years ago, and turns out it was 26x40! Wow! I was able to draw these faces just about life size. Fitting in the drawing time between the other, smaller, faster orders, it look me nearly the entire craft show to complete.

Now that Christmas is over (and I've had my few short days of 'rest') I can start posting some of this year's results.

Here are a few shots of my progress on this huge portrait. It barely fit on my easel! In order to hang my iPad nearby, and rest my hand to the right, I had to cover the immediate areas with paper to protect what I had already done.

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