Tuesday, March 24, 2020


"Besties" (pastel, 11x16 inches)(28x40cm) $850 framed

Well, I've never been so busy now that I have "nothing" to do. Ha! I've been looking forward to playing with my new prize pastels from my last two wins ("Persephone" and "Intent") and excited that this forced home-bound situation would give me more studio time! But what have I been doing instead?

Our Carriage House Gallery in Boerne has temporarily closed but we've all been cramming the last few days to get our artwork up into the new Sale and Gift Store pages of our newly revamped website, and to get the site optimized for online sales. Check it out! 😃

Yesterday I helped move my daughter out of her university housing, and into our guest room (she prefers the quiet on that side of the house.. 🙄) so our living room is currently full of extraneous furniture and closet junk mixed in with all the usual cat toys.

And now with all of this sorting and moving, I've been bit by the "organizational bug" and really want to tackle my office... and I know from experience if I don't strike while the fever is on me (no pun intended!) it will just get worse until another year has gone by...

However - the cancellation of the Australian Pastel Expo has had at least one good outcome - now I have the two paintings I did for the Tutor's Exhibition that I can post for sale immediately! This is one of them. My darling cats, best buds in their bed.

Mewler came home to us six months before Argie, and would not stop crying until Argie arrived. He was so happy we brought him a friend! They soon became best buddies.

This painting was inspired by a photo I caught straight down on the two of them snuggled in their bed, morning light from the nearby window casting a warm glow. The image is actually upside down from how I snapped the photo.

I started with a warm-toned underpainting using Art Spectrum primers and inks to establish the range of values and some underlying texture.

Stay safe, keep calm and wash your hands.
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