Saturday, August 22, 2020

"Morning's Kiss" (with reference photos and video!)


"Morning's Kiss" (pastel, 18x24 inches) $1750. Now available at Art Connections Gallery

I caught the reference photo of this mama and baby longhorn on one of my trips out to Round Top Texas to the Gallery there (sadly, now closed.) I'm always excited to find beautiful animals showing affection with one another. 
original reference photo
 original reference photo
refernce photo
 edited reference photo
This pastel painting has been featured in a couple of my Virtual Open Studio days. All in all, this painting took about 13-15 hours from start to finish. 
Here is a short 8 minute compilation video showing a choice selection of bits from the start to finish process of this painting:

You can watch almost the entire process through this series of videos on my Patreon page (the real-time videos, with narration and live Q&A, available to my Patreon subscribers at the Bunny Buddies and Moo-tastic Muses levels.)

The Underpainting, first part: (speed demo - free) 

The Underpainting, second part:  

The Pastel, part 1: 

The Pastel, part 2:

The Pastel Finish: (speed demo - free)

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