Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Little Donnie (Warm Fuzzy #66)


Warm Fuzzy #66 - "Little Donnie" (pastel, 5x4 inches) $260

There's a traveling petting zoo near Austin Texas called Fry's Fun Farm that always has the CUTEST little babies! I enjoy visiting some events where they set up. The little chicks and ducklings get their own pen to protect them from big human feet.

Little Donnie's portrait fit perfectly in a 5x4 and will be one of my fave minis at my Solo Exhibition!

Watch a short demo video of the pasteling of Little Donnie here!

Not long now, the show opens this Saturday, March 27, at the ARTS for Rural Texas, 114 North Live Oak Street, Fayetteville, Texas. Opening Reception that day from 5-7pm.

Can't make it?  Preview the show online here!

I want to share with you a quote from Karen, the Director of ARTS. She has such lovely things to say about my work! 😊

"Rita Kirkman’s exhibit, Kindred Spirits, focuses on the similarity, a kinship, in humans and animals, The artist captures emotions in the eyes and stance of the animals, expressions with which we humans identify.  Rita Kirkman’s paintings of animals have an unmistakable presence and a connection with the viewer.  With a background in portraiture, she captures the spirit of each as an individual soul."
~Karen Vernon, Executive Director ARTS for Rural Texas


PS:  I'm also absolutely tickled to say that two more paintings have sold today, for a total of 4 already sold!  Here they are:

"Little Bunny" 6x4 inches, sold

"Two o'clock has come and gone." 36x36 inches, sold
"Summer" 10x10 inches, sold

"Little Goat" 4x5 inches, sold

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